yahan pe kuch bhi chalega

Dunny point – The hidden paradise at the western most part of the country, located at the end of Bet Dwarka. Bet Dwarka is a small island situated at the western coast in Gujarat. And Bet Dwarka is connected to the Gujarat through okha jetty. One can reach to bet Dwarka by daily boat services from Okha jetty that costs you as low as 10 rs. only from jetty.

Dunny Point seashore

How to Reach Dunny Point ??

First of all reach Jamnagar in Gujarat state which is connected to most of the major towns of India by air, train or by road. From Jamnagar you can hire a cab to okha or you can go by train. From Okha you have to go on a ferry(boat) to reach bet Dwarka island.

Dunny point is the end tip of the island. There are many local vehicles(mostly rickshaws) who takes you to the Dunny point. Than after few minutes of walk you will be there at the tip of the island which is known as Dunny point.



The benefits of having a beach side camp is you don’t need to have heavy pockets for a beautiful beach view. How amazing it is to wake up to the sound of a roaring sea and see its vastness, to feel its warmness that welcomes you unconditionally !

The wave sound always reminds me this awesome quote by Henry Beston, “The three great elemental sounds in nature are the sound of rain, the sound of wind in a primeval wood, and the sound of outer ocean on a beach.”

Wall Painting in town.jpg


If you are looking for beach activities, this place is not for you. Unlike walking around the sandy shoreline and having fun together under the star glazed night you don’t have much to do here. the place belongs to peace, stay with your friends, partner of family and enjoy the nature.

The camps are made of gunny sac, and washroom are temporarily built with same material supported by bamboos.  The most pleasant thing you can find here is the naked sky, the glazing stars and emptiness around is a rare thing to see in this city oriented life.


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